These 10 Patterns are the Enemy of Graphic Designing Jobs

enemy of graphic designing jobs

When you create a great design and make the customer happy, you feel at the top. But if you start to lose consciousness of your job, then you have to face many problems. In this article, we will suggest ways to avoid some of those bad habits that can help you avoid them. Let’s take a look at these 10 patterns that are the enemy of graphic designing jobs:

POOR BRIEFING can be Dangerous
The communication gap between the client and the designer can never generate a great design. It would be better if you know the client’s expectations and you know each aspect of the project in depth and detail and prepare a brief summary of the ideas related to them and do not hesitate to receive comments when you are sure.

Avoid Over Designing
Using multiple elements within the same design can confuse viewers and provide dryness. Using lots of graphics is like making the design busier. Many times the client also gets very simple graphics. In such a situation, it is very important to understand the demand for the project and the item should be chosen accordingly.

It is Necessary to Stay Updated
Today you can hear the trends from everyone’s lips. There are many changes in people’s choice over time. If you don’t bring updates to your designs over time, this reduces the importance of your design. For this, looking at new designs and observing and updating them makes your work more attractive.

Incorrect typography selection is heavy
Typography can also make and mess up the whole design. Unclear typeface that does not match the mood and tone of the material can cause your design to be rejected.

Take special care with the style and size of the font. Keep enough space between the letters and the canvas so that each word is easy to read.

SYMMETRICAL can Become Boring
It can be boring if you give perfect symmetry to all the elements and prepare symmetrical designs. In some projects it works, while in some projects you can create some creatives by mixing asymmetric elements.

Note that we are not talking about losing your balance with asymmetric. They both have different elements. Asymmetrical design can also achieve balance.

FAIL can Make Incorrect COMBINATIONS
If your image doesn’t match the text, you can make your design meaningless. It is very important to have images and texts related to each other and convey special importance.

Design Copy
We see that immature designers are more active in copying concepts. They lack creativity, so they copy other designers. But lack of creativity can quickly shut down design doors.

Take care of DEADLINE
You can’t impress a customer with just good graphics and design. Rather, the deadline or before the presentation of the project is also important.

If you can’t finish your project until the deadline, this reduces the usefulness of your work and its value. One of the priorities of a good graphic designer is to present a deadline or an earlier project.

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