Beginner’s Guide to Optimize Your Website Speed

Guide to Optimize Your Website Speed

Website speed is essential if you want to grow in online business. This will be useful for generating leads, increasing sales, and ultimately your business.

It’s nice to have a beautiful website. However, it should also load quickly and work by mistake. A slow-loading website not only turns off potential visitors, it can also shorten the results of company-wide digital marketing campaigns.

As the website speed breaks down and generates conversion rates, each webmaster needs to focus on the speed of their website.

But first of all, it is important that the Google algorithm understands the basics of the speed of your website and therefore determines its SERP ranking. The search engine uses two main factors to estimate speed.

First, your website gets more speed points if it reacts faster to Googlebot. Google uses software called Googlebot to search and index websites.

Second, your website can receive an honest speed rating if it has a faster loading time on PageSpeed ​​Insights than its competition. Google wants to help you check the speed of your website and has added a page speed report in the webmaster tool.

Guide to Optimize Your Website Speed

Maintaining search rankings:

In recent years, search engines, including Google, have begun to factor page load speeds into their organic search algorithms. So if one has noticed a drop in website status among related search terms, speed can be found to be a culprit. The constant execution of DSL speed tests helps to ensure that the site remains at the top of the web search results.

Identify improvement areas:

Running speed tests on your website can help determine what’s wrong with your load time. Often small changes to the front or back of a website can have a big impact, like converting background images to JPG, caching static content like CSS files, or customizing it on Google’s content delivery network instead from local servers Hosting Fons.

let’s get down to business

There are several solutions and ways to increase the performance of a particular website. And we will show you how you can achieve this.

Use trusted server

A fast and reliable server is required to increase the speed of the website. So if you want to extend the speed of the website, you need to reduce the server reaction time. The ideal server response time should be less than 200 milliseconds.

Using CDN (Content Delivery Network):

CDN simply stands for content delivery network, it can greatly benefit from its use, and it can also help you save up to 60% bandwidth, causing major effects like speeding up a website. The CDN acts as a host for all web files. Which are based on a large number of servers around the world?

Organize your data:

Web speed can be increased efficiently by organizing your database. If you maintain a WordPress website, be sure to take special care in organizing and maintaining a neat database.

Using compression techniques:

Shrinking and compressing information stacks can also occur using compression techniques and tools. Website performance improves using compression because it reduces HTTP performance.

Use light weight image

The images are necessary for the design and development of the website, but it is not necessary to use heavy images. When we talk about the latest website development trends and technologies, developers use very light and personalized images.

Remove unnecessary plugins

Plugins and add-ons help webmasters in different ways, but overuse of plugins can kill website speed. Typically, on WordPress websites, webmasters and developers use various plugins as they help to solve many aspects of the website. Every webmaster should remove all unnecessary and unused plugins to slow down their website.

Follow the above guide rules to optimize your website speed up your website and grow your online business. A fast-performing website can give you more opportunities to grow online. And remember that Google Webmaster Tools keep an eye on how your site compares to its competitors.

If you want to increase your conversions, it is necessary to reduce the loading time of your page, hire a good agency to reduce the time. Loading time plays an important role because there is a direct relationship between time and page abandonment opportunities.

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