How to Improve Blog Ranking? Use these steps

How to Improve Blog Ranking

Each blogger plans to improve their ranking on the blog. Try to make your blog appear at the top of the search engine. The main reason for doing so would have been to drive more traffic to the blog.

But for this, you must first have enough knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO). Without your knowledge, it is very difficult to improve your blog ranking in search engines. We have made an article on this topic, which you can do SEO by reading your blog.

How to Improve Blog Ranking?
Through this article, you will know all those tips, adopting which you can also improve the ranking of your blog. So let’s learn these tips or techniques:

  1. Responsive Theme
  2. Website Security
  3. Website Speed
  4. Optimized Contents
  5. Keyword Research
  6. Quality Backlinks
  7. Permalinks Structure
  8. Social Media
  9. Original Contents
  10. Continuously update contents (Update Contents Regularly)

Responsive Theme

The theme of your website or blog plays an important role in blog ranking. Your blog website theme should be responsive. This means that whatever topic you have chosen for the blog, it must be mobile and SEO friendly.

If your blog’s website theme is not SEO friendly, Google’s search robots include your blog content such as headings, captions, descriptions, and images. (Images), etc., cannot collect clear and accurate information. Bots don’t rank your blog on search engines due to insufficient information.

Similarly, if your theme is not supported on mobile devices, your blog content will not display correctly on mobile and tablet devices. Therefore, Internet users will not get a good user experience. When this happens, Google Bots will not send users (who search for your keywords through mobile or tablet devices) to your blog.

This will cause you to lose your blog ranking, along with potential traffic. So, choose a good responsive topic for your blog, which can help your blog in ranking.

Website Security

In order to rank your blog or website in search engines, you must take into account its security standards. Because Google displays the Safe and Secure website or blog at the top of its search results. Google does this because it has to protect the interests of Internet users.

To secure your website, you will need to install the SSL Certificate (SSL Certificate) on it. If you have a free SSL Certificate included in your hosting plan, install it; otherwise, you will have to buy it.

After this, all your URLs will be changed from http to https. This will let Google know that your website is also safe.

Website Speed

Nobody likes waiting; everyone wants their work to be finished as soon as possible. Similarly, when an Internet user clicks on your blog, they expect the blog to open immediately. If not, then go to another blog.

According to experts, your blog or website should open in 5 seconds maximum. You will lose your visitors if it is longer than this.

You can take the following steps to optimize the speed of your website:
Use a minimum of plugins in your website.
•  Just use a simple and attractive theme for your website. Avoid heavy themes.
•  Make sure to use a Cache Plugin, such as – WP Super Cache Plugin
•  By not using to much images.

Optimized Contents

Beneath this, you should organize your blog content in such a way that when a search engine crawls your blog or content, it can understand your content and display it at the top of the search results.

For this, you should use the appropriate titles, descriptions, paragraphs, keywords, internal and external links for your article or blog post. You must know what items will be placed and where. With this, Google bots will be able to understand your content and your blog ranking will also increase.

Keyword Research

When creating keywords for your blog, you need to do some important research related to those keywords. For example, how often have you searched for that keyword lately and how much competition is there for that keyword?

And if your blog is new, then you should only use less competitive keywords. Because old blogs are rated higher than new ones because they have good traffic and good domain authority. In the case of similar keywords, the new blog will not be able to cope with them.

Quality Backlinks

Backlinks mean linking your blog link or URL to another blog or website for anyone to access your blog through this link or URL. There are two types of benefits in doing this.

First, people get information about your blog and get to your blog through the backlinks you added. This also increases your traffic.

Second, by adding your URL to another website or blog, Google believes that another blog or website refers to your blog. This means that your blog has a good reputation and domain authority.

But when creating backlinks to any other website or blog, keep in mind that Alexa Ranking of that website is better than Alexa Ranking of your blog, that the website should be protected and safe, free from spam and should not contain no pornographic content.

Permalinks Structure

When you post an article or blog post, your information is collected as a URL. These URLs are called permalinks. The shorter and clearer the URLs of your articles, the better the search engines will be and people will be able to read and understand them.

On the other hand, if your URLs are not SEO friendly or too long, the search engine will have a hard time reading them, and it may happen that part of your long URL is cut off in search results.

In this case, if you include some keywords in the URL, there is a possibility of losing them. What can have negative consequences? Therefore, keep your URL short and remember to include the required keywords in it.

Social Media

Social networks contribute a lot to the ranking of your blog. You can share your blog post or article on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

On the one hand, you can get very good traffic, on the other hand, if there are too many Likes or Comments in your post or article, and Google thinks your blog content is very good.

Because of this, it starts showing your blog in a good ranking in the search results. So don’t forget to include social media sharing buttons in each of your blog posts or articles.

Original Contents

To improve the ranking of your blog, it is very important that the content of the blog is original. If your content is copied from another website or blog, the ranking of those blogs may not be good.

Currently, there are many applications and tools through which you know if your content is original or not. It also violates copyright policy. So always keep your original content.

Continuously Update Contents

There are thousands of blogs like your blog on the Internet, which keep writing something all the time. In such a situation, if you don’t post articles or blog posts regularly, your blog ranking will decrease day by day.

Therefore, you need to post a post or article in at least a week. Along with this, you can also update your old items.

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