iOS 15: Preview and Features

It’s time to move from iOS 14 to iOS 15 as it becomes the iPhone 12 release, people are hoping to get more features on iPhone 12 and are definitely looking forward to the next iPhone 13 release. So today we will share some effects for be on iOS 15, but before moving to iOS 15, small details and a brief description about Apple iOS 14 to know more features that are expected. So let’s see if there is anything new compared to beta 8 and talk about what to expect tomorrow now once you’ve installed iOS 14 gm. You are probably wondering how I get out of the beta program. And if you are not familiar with it, all you have to do is uninstall the beta profile. So go to your settings, go to general and then scroll down.

iOS 15

You will see the profile, tap on the profile. Delete it, enter your password, hit delete again. Restart your device. Once you have rebooted, you will have the final version. You just had it a day before. That’s all you have to do. You will stop receiving beta updates and you will have the final version. When the next public update comes out, you will be able to install that particular update. Let’s take a look at the build number and talk about what’s new. So if we go to general and we can see that this build is 18a 373, compared to iOS 14 beta 8 which was 18a 5373a. This is essentially the same build. removed all background debugging stuff for developers, as well as comments. So if you were having trouble with this particular update, you will continue to have trouble if you were in beta 8. Now the good thing is beta 8 was pretty stable. But that means you don’t have a new modem update in this particular update. Now one of the first questions I’m asked after installing an update is is there a new wallpaper? So if we go to settings, scroll down to the wallpaper. Go choose a new wallpaper. Let’s go dynamic. I don’t really see anything new in the still images. There is nothing new there and live so you have the live wallpaper with night and day or night and darkness, but nothing particularly new or exciting, so Unfortunately, there are not a lot of wallpapers new and I wouldn’t expect them tomorrow too. And that’s really it, so beta 8 seemed stable enough to them to release to the public basically. And there are still some known issues in this one, for example there are 22 known issues mainly for developers. But some widget problems you may experience from time to time, and then there is a problem solved for developers. But apps like pokemon go still don’t work.

iOS 15

That will need an update. And you will probably see that update tomorrow to fix that problem. So you will see a bunch of different app updates starting tomorrow after you get iOS 14 or if you are already on it. You will see a bunch of different app updates. You will see this number will hit 40 and 50 at times. hundreds if you have a lot of apps AND therefore the overall performance of beta 8 and gm should be very similar too. The geek bench tests seem to be a bit better though and we’ll talk about that in a moment. So overall this particular build is great. Not just on the iPhone, but on older iPhones. So if you’re going to come from, say, an iPhone 6s plus like this, expect the performance to be decent. You shouldn’t have any problems. You will see that it says the news of Apple Music. You will see a lot of these things appear. Wait here and you will see just change. In fact, you will probably see better performance than with iOS 13 or the same. So don’t expect a downgrade. in performance, expect games like minecraft or pokemon go or call of duty mobile Either of them work as you would expect and the same goes for new modern hardware of course as the iPhone 11 expects the same kind of fast fluid experience iOS 13 it was full of bugs and they already fixed most of those major bugs and led it to iOS 14 where it is better and ipad os 14. So ipad os 14 again Fast and smooth I had no problems with it and it was just super fast In fact, with beta 8 I really didn’t have a problem with a couple of little crashes, but that probably needs some updates from the Twitter app. For example, so I had some trouble with Twitter now if this is, in fact, the exact same thing. as beta 8 that means the battery life should be roughly the same without the background gging debu working. You might get a bit more battery life, so if we go into settings and then go back to battery and take a look at the battery health, you’ll see I’m 96 percent and like I said. before this does not degrade based on updates but when you update it just checks the actual battery health overall AND so please don’t expect it to drop or just recheck now if we take a look at yesterday Or maybe the day before You will see that my screen on time is not that good, but today I have had 3 hours and 35 minutes of screen on time, 7 hours and 11 minutes of screen time off, playing music and things like that. And if we bring it up. That was about 50 percent usage, double that of Get seven hours of screen time on time but 14 hours of screen time off Now if I weren’t playing things in the background of course this would improve and of course to As applications are updated, this will improve as well. Hope iOS 14 gm improves this, also just based on general experience with when you go from beta to final version. That is why it was a huge version that went from beta to final from final to beta. We’re going to see a huge file size. Now this particular beta, like I said, is fast and smooth, but nothing really new with GM. So it looks like that’s what the final version is going to have and then we’ll probably see it in iOS 14.1 Maybe when the iPhone 12 launches or maybe before it’s really hard to tell at this point. Now the good thing is that the benchmarks, in general, seem to be fine. Now I ran it twice and a couple of things to note here Is it maybe a little low because I ran it right after installing the update so I got 1331 for single core only 3224 for multicore if we take a look at the history You will see I had faster multicore last week. Hope this improves tremendously After I’m done doing whatever I’m doing in the background indexing and finishing some tasks too Now let’s take a look at these devices here: I have the 6s plus 11 and the ipad pro Now I have the ipad pro 12.9 of 2020 left followed by iphone 6s plus followed by iphone 11 and then iphone 11 pro max and they seem to be working quite well at this point. Give them a few more hours. They will probably improve a lot. In fact, other people say it works the same as iOS 13.5.1 when it comes to geek bench scores.

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