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Country: UAE
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QKO Merchandiser for an Asian Retail Store

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Company Name: QKO Asian Market
QKO Asian Market is number one Asian retail store for food and nonfood imported from Japan, Korea and Thailand. We have three branches in UAE in Dubai, Sharjah, and RAK.
Currently QKO Asian Market is the most popular retail store for Muslim customers. We serve locals and non-Asian demographics in Dubai, Sharjah and RAK.
Job Overview:
– A merchandiser requires excellent knowledge on food items the store carries.
– He/she ensures all products are ordered to suppliers and delivered to the store according to purchase invoice.
– He/she will be responsible for making sure all shelves are arranged and displayed appropriately.
– The fa├žade of retail area can affect by the first impression of customers.
– Tracking expires of food items are the most important job of the merchandiser.
– Monitoring the movement of items and suggesting sales is performed by a merchandiser which drives the efficiency of store operation.
– The successful candidate will pay attention to profits of the store by ordering necessary items adequately.
– Ensure that the store is stocked with the right types and quantities of products
– Display, arrange, price, and rotate products in store
– Maintain store shelves by removing dated or damaged products
– Monitor store inventory based on sales and intake
– Optimize sales volume and profitability by identifying profitable lines and bestsellers
– Make recommendations for promotional strategies using sales and pricing data
– Work and communicate with buyers, suppliers, stores, and distributors
– Guide customers to help them find what they want
– Ensure the storage is arranged
– Making and maintaining shelf tags

Top skills & proficiency (Please put a check mark next to each skill if it is applicable to you):
– Can carry heavy boxes
– Physically healthy
– 1-2 years of experience working in retail or merchandising
– Excellent analytical skills
– Strong communication and interpersonal skills
– Must be committed to providing outstanding customer service
– Know the basic of Microsoft and Excel
– Organized
– Multi-tasking is important as a store-in-charge to understand what cashier and merchandiser do as subordinates.
– You may start as a cashier or merchandiser then move up to a store-in-charge position if you can
– The job descriptions are as attached on a separate document. Please read it carefully.
Key Demographic Requirements – applicants must be:
– Filipino /Indian Preferred

Job Details

Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Job Role: Purchasing and Procurement
Company Industry: Business Support Services

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Entry Level

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