Best SEO Friendly Permalink for WordPress

What is Permalink?

Permalink may be a Permanent link to a post or page of a weblog or web site that doesn’t amendment with time.

When considering important aspects of the SEO of any site, the permalink plays a major role in overall optimization. A permalink is a permanent link of your page and posts, and it doesn’t change with time. By default, WordPress offers permalinks like this:

https://www.techguidance. xyz/?p=123

This type of permalink is not search engine friendly, so most newbie bloggers just starting with WordPress fail to create a site that is optimizing WordPress permalinks for SEO because they are using the default permalinks.

In this guide, I will teach you which permalink structure is the best, and I will also look into other suggested WordPress permalink structures and why you should avoid them.

What is the Importance of Permalink’s SEO?

Permalink plays an important role in SEO. Permalink designated neatly will increase the rankings of the program of that page or post.

Catchy permalinks are simply remembered, so additional and additional users are attracted to that post or page.

You can assume that the importance of post or page title in SEO is equally important as well as a permalink.

Permalinks and other options in WordPress

Now we all know regarding permalinks in WordPress well. Such permalinks are not good for SEO. Such permalinks are also not searching engine friendly. This is the explanation that almost all new we bloggers are unable to justifiedly optimize their blog. WordPress default offers such permalink, but you’ve got more options to settle on from.

So, during this post, I’ll tell you which ones permalink structure is best, that structures are excellent for SEO and that are the permalink structure that you just ought to avoid.

First, recognize that structures WordPress offers, these structures are written below.

  • Default, like this: https://techguidance. xyz/?p=123
  • Day and Name, like this: https://techguidance. xyz/2015/06/30/sample-post/
  • Month and Name, like this: https://techguidance. xyz/2015/06/sample-post/
  • Numeric, like this: https://techguidance. xyz/archives/123/
  • Post Name, like this: https://techguidance. xyz/sample-post/

And the last structure is custom. You can select any custom structure consistent with you.

Some tips of a Custom permalink: –

  • Go to  WordPress dashboard> Settings> Permalink.

Post Name, like this:

This is the best structure among all of them.

I always suggest this permalink because it is the most search engine friendly and in this permalink, your keywords also come and the user can read it easily.

This structure is brief, appearance sweet and it improves your On-page SEO score. In this screenshot, see however you’ll be able to choose this structure:

common setting of permalink

Many bloggers recommend a category structure (

And this is often additionally true however select this structure given that your classes are short and restricted. If your weblog has multiple and additional (more than enough) classes, then this feature isn’t appropriate.

As we know that permalinks do not change with time, then one piece of advice from my side would also be to avoid date structures.

Why avoid now. If you have some experience of blogging, then you will know that many times a post has to be updated or republish over time, but if you choose a permalink structure with date, then it doesn’t amendment and also the rankings of your post are badly affected.

If you run a news web site then there’s a special tip for you. Whether it is any news website, such as current affairs, Bollywood news, technology or gadgets news, etc., you have to include a unique id in the permalink of each of your posts. Its structure is as follows.

/% postname% -% post_id% /

Important tips to settle on the simplest permalink relating to SEO

Select Simple permalinks. (like

Prefer Dashes (-) over Underscores (_).

Remove Stop Words from Permalink. top words like “is” or “are”.

Do not change permalink after publishing. If you do this for some reason, then do 301 Redirections from the old URL to the new URL.

Must use the keyword in the permalink.

I would like to discuss one more side of this post. Which of those structures ought to we elect WWW or non-www? Although I generally include www within the post, if you would like you’ll choose simple without www.

Permalinks within the SE are higher than but 66 characters. And if reduced to three characters, you’ll be able to add three characters to your permalink.

One more thing to make sure that your website or blog is redirected from a non-www URL to www URL. This is very important.

For example redirection of to

WordPress set up this work automatically and in most cases, you don’t need manual redirection. Now the next time you set up a WordPress blog, make sure that you have chosen a permalink that is perfect for SEO.

WordPress Permalink for Google News:

If you are running a news-based site such as a site having a focus on current affairs, Bollywood or Hollywood news, technology news, etc., you need to have a three-digit unique ID in your permalink as mentioned in the Google news submission requirement.

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