Share mouse with two screens on Android

Share mouse with two screens

Share mouse using a second monitor is great for multitasking, especially if you maximize the brainpower of your apps that run simultaneously, which you want to watch simultaneously. That second screen becomes like a lifesaver.

Merging your computer and mobile devices to create the perfect workflow can be challenging. There are plenty of tools out there, and you can even turn your tablet into a second monitor, but none of those solutions are perfect. Can DeskDock make the cut?

It just might, because this app manages to combine your devices while keeping them separate. What it does is essentially allow you to control an Android device using your computer’s mouse (or touch pad) and keyboard.

Of course, the set-up is not exactly simple. You will need to install the application on your Android device, download a server program for your computer (supports Windows, Linux and Mac) and connect them using a USB cable. But it seems the system works great after all is set up, and it is very simple to use.

How to share a mouse with two screens

Mirroring Android

Innovation in technology has allowed some of the things that were not thought of to a point. One of the amazing developments recently has been the ability to reflect from one smart device to another smart device. This has made it possible for Android to mirror AndroidAndroid mirroring is the end of innovation for Android, the innovation also includes the possibility to make it work with your phone as a TV mirror and a remote from a smartphone or even your laptop.

The experience is unlimited and includes, sharing and playing your Android smartphone content for your tablet and even exporting content from your smartphone to your tablet. Android to Android Mirror is amazing,  and you may just want to try it out. It uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or even mobile hotspots.


While there are many devices for Android to Android Mirror, this example would be to use ScreenShare which uses screen-technology to allow Android two of Android mirrors via Bluetooth, mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi. This enables, among other things, better viewing experience and each other device can access the Internet on another Android device through a cellular network.

ScreenShare is a free application and its features are limited to working with Android phone sharing with Android tablets. It is also a screen-browserscreenservice, and screen-organizer that helps manage your data exchange between a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection and your two mirror devices.

Inkwire Screen Share + Assist

Go to Google Play Store and search for this app. If you are having trouble finding this Mobile App, then you click on the link Mobile App If you can find it easily, then install this app on your phone. This should be installed in the mobile of both those who want to share their screen.

Take this Mobile App has opened, now if you want to share your screen, then click on share and if you want to access its screen then click on access. Come on, now you have to click on Access to access your friend’s screen and tell the friend to click on share, now click on Start.

Now, it has generated a code, now ask for his code and your phone Enter in and click on access, now it will ask if you want to turn on the microphone, so if you want to give information by speaking, then OK.

Screen Stream Mirroring

Screen Stream Mirroring is an app to ‘stream‘ your Android screen from a browser, a device connected to Chromecast, or even a VLC player.

In the setup options, you can adjust various values ​​for your broadcast and also adjust the quality. You can change the resolution, bitrate, and framerate to see your touch on the screen or force landscape mode (super useful for transmitting video to a video player).

At any time, you can stop streaming by using the shortcut present on the notification bar. By tapping it again, you can resume streaming without any problems.

Screen Stream Mirroring is a very interesting screen streaming App. Although it specialized in local streaming, it is also compatible with other services such as Twitch, Ustream, and YouTube.

Just drag your mouse over to the Android screen and start controlling your mobile device. Sharing the keyboard and mouse is not the only cool trick this app has up its sleeve. You can drag-and-drop links, turn the Android device’s screen on by dragging the cursor over, connect multiple devices and more. It’s even possible to set up shortcuts and customize mouse button actions.

Great stuff, right? This app doesn’t sound free… and it isn’t, but you could use most features with the free version. But many of us will want to pay the $5.49 for the PRO version. It enables the ability to use your keyboard, drag-and-drop URLs and settings shortcuts. In addition, it gets rid of ads.

Are any of you downloading this one? You should at least try the free version!

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