What is Event Blogging & How to earn money from it?

What is Event Blogging

You don’t know what is Event Blogging and what happens in it, but you must have seen this type of website. Talking about the Blogging field, then new blogs are being created day by day, in such a situation it becomes a little difficult to rank with the help of SEO in Google and write a high-quality article.

Everyone wants to make money online quickly, so lots of people are trying to make money with the help of event blogging. now a basic question arises here that what is the meaning of event blogging actually. This is a type of blogging which is created for a specific time, event, accident, or specific change in the world or in a specific country.

Generally, people consider all festivals blogging as event blogging, but this is not 100% truth regarding this. This includes all those events which are either festival or an accident. here we will see all about the event blogging. I am giving you a different type of Event blogging scrips to create your website for this topic also. they are completely free to download and use.

If you do not have to do SEO nor write an article and you want to earn money from websites, then you can do Event blogging, in which you have to use web script to create a website and work on making it popular.

Let us not know how much time is spent in detail, what is Event Blogging and what happens in it. How to make money with the help of Event Blogging or what we have to do in it.

What is Event Blogging

Event Blogging consists of a website that is created by focusing some topic.

Just like when the new year is coming, if Happy New Year Wish, with the help of these websites, you can wish your name in an animated way. You must also have a message like this in which there is a link, after clicking on it, the website opens in which the Wish is done.

To create that type of website, we have to use his script, after which our work is finished. It is then our job to reach out to more people on the website before the event date.

  • Benefits of Event blogging
  • No need of SEO, direct traffic comes.
  • No need to write a post.
  • There is no need to update again and again in the website, the work is finished by creating one time.
  • A lot of traffic arrives at the time of the event, due to which good earning is made.
  • No need to create backlinks.

Event Blogging Disadvantages

If we talk about the benefits, then it is also important to talk about the losses. As it is, there is no need to invest a lot of money to do Event blogging, yet it is a little difficult to get success in it.

There is no guarantee that the website will be viral.

How to create a website for Event Blogging

DomainScript To do blogging, first of all you need a domain. If you do not want to use AdSense, then you can also use free domain. But on free domain, you can only use ads network accepting affiliate or free domain.

Wishing Script: To create a website, firstly you need a script which you will find on the Internet. Ghosts are also available in free or you can get paid according to your need. Like we have shared some scripts. The websites that are made in Event Blogging are also called wishing websites.

  • New Year Wish Script
  • Wish Script website with name
  • Wish Script for Blogger

AdSense Account: It is very difficult to approve AdSense account on Event Blog but many bloggers first write 10-20 unique posts on domain and then when AdSense Approval is found then convert it to a Wishing Website through which Many bloggers are earning even today.

Using AdSense on a wishing website can also disable AdSense account, so you can use affiliate or network ads instead of AdSense. Using all the things, you have to create a Wishing Website before the event and place AdSense or other network ads on it.

How will traffic come on the Wish Script website?

After the website is ready, the most difficult thing to do is to promote the website in which you have to share the website more than ever. You can share the website in Facebook Group and Whatsapp Group. I will tell you to use the new number for this work and use a different Facebook account, because the promotion of the account is also blocked.

By searching the list of groups on Google itself, you can share your script on the website by making a group-based.

Types of Event Blogging on the basis of Time

Event blogging may be of various types on the basis of the timing of event and content writing in different countries.

Type of event blogging on the basis of content writing

A) Wishing or SMS Blogs

In this section of the building, we put those blogs or websites which have posts/article on Various topics. these articles either having wishes or messages for any event.

For example, when we search for “Diwali wishes” on the internet We get so many blogs to have a number of wishes in their articles. the length of an article will be more than 300 words.

Examples – SMS containing blogs, wishes containing blogs, images containing blogs etc
one of the famous website or blog in this category is www.dgreetings.com

In this type of blogging, we need SEO friendly articles on our blog. if we don’t have our blog on the first page of Google ranking, we cannot earn money probably. so we have to write articles according to Search Engine Optimisation.

B) Greetings Blogs (New Concept of EVENT BLOGGING SCRIPT)

Nowadays greetings blogs are on the trend because buy this type of blog in we wish to anyone in a different way on the occasion of any festival, or on other incidents. greetings blogging includes one or two pages greeting card in which we can put attractive images music and SMS or Shayari to make our wish effective. this type of greeting blogs are shareable on WhatsApp with sender name, so everyone forced to share it for their loved ones.

Examples of greetings blocks: Holi, Eid, Diwali, Christmas day wishes etc.

Type of event blogging on the basis of Time

A) Time Specific Event Blogging

time specific event blogging is used to celebrate a festival, National Day, Republic Day, Independence Day etc.after the period of festival these websites or blogs will not earn any money. the average period of this type of blogging is 5-7 days to earn money.

Examples –Easter, Holi, Eid, No smoking day, Valentine day, mother’s day, Environment day, human rights day, world diabetes day, Parkinson day, National days of all main countries

B) All-time Event blogging

Good Morning SMS or Images, Good Night SMS or Images, Love you, Miss You, Anniversary or Memorial, Birthday SMS or Images 

C) Accidental Event Blogging

this type of blogging is not fixed when it will have happened. this totally depends upon in situations of change.

Examples: Government Scheme, Natural Hazards, The big change in any country

D) New Launches Event Blogging

This type of event blogging is used to share the information about new launches of any movie, any digital product such as smartphones, tablets laptops. new actresses or actor etc.

Which Events to Target on Event Blogging?

Event blogging is designed for these reasons, when people wish each other, they use the script website to show a little better, then we have to take advantage of that and as many such occasions when people congratulate someone the script is to be created on which the message is sent.

How to earn money through event blogging

generally, peoples are using Google AdSense to earn money through event blogging. if you don’t have a day approved Google AdSense account right now, there are so many alternatives to make money through event blogging.
you can use your affiliate marketing links speed of Google AdSense ad code. you can also sell your own product with the help of event blogging. if you have time you can get the approval of infolinks and Chitika ad network easily.

    • Google Adsense (Recommended)
    • Infolinks
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Chitika Ad Network
    • Promote your own product and so
  • CPA and CPI etc

What is the right time to start Event Blogging

If you are interested to start event blogging then this is a very common question may be arising in your mind is that when to start event blogging.

As we mentioned above there are both types of event blogging available

  1. Time-specific event blogging
  2. All-time event blogging

If you are interested to start all-time event blogging such as writing a post on SMS or Shayari then there is no any specific time to start event blogging.

Are you interested d to start greetings event blogging?  then you should start before 20 days of festival or event. this is sufficient time to create a beautiful greeting by using music and attractive photos.

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