What is SEO? Improve the Ranking of your Website and Blog

If you are connected to the internet. And if you have a blog or website, then you must have heard about SEO. But, have you ever thought that it is important for your website and blog?

What is SEO

You won’t know that there are millions of such websites on the Internet. For example, suppose you want to find something on the Internet related to a particular topic. In such a situation, you cannot search millions of websites one by one.

We will use the search engine to find that thing. To search all of these things in the search engine, we searched for a particular word. And what information does the search engine serve us?

Before taking SEO information, we first need to know what a search engine is.

What is a Search Engine?
The search engine is a website-based tool. With the help of which we can find materials on the Internet about a particular article or a particular topic. If you are using the Internet, then you are also one of those people who keeps searching the search engines.

For example, you must also have searched the popular Google search engine in India. You must have asked about a new movie or searched for where to download it.

This means that you search for a word in the search engine or search for the subject according to your mind. Then the search engine presents the website related to them from the topic related to you.

In this way, any search engine helps you find anything. Now you must have understood what a search engine is?

What is SEO?
SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you are a new blogger or have a new website. So the question must also have popped into your mind: what is SEO?

Let me give you an example to know what is important. Suppose you want to see millions of people. Or do you want to spread your words to millions of people? Therefore, you have two options, whether through a television or when making a video, you can communicate with millions of people.

But when you talk about reaching many people by written means. So the only medium is the Internet, but think about whether you create a blog or website and it has to reach millions of people through a written medium. So how do millions of people find you?

Millions of people will use the search engine to find you. There are many popular search engines on the Internet that you must have heard of. It will search by going to popular search engines like google.com, bing.com, yahoo.com.

Suppose we go to Google and search for something by typing keywords, then Google shows you all the content on the Internet related to that keyword. All the content that Google shows about that related word comes from different blogs and websites.

But have you ever wondered why that website or blog itself? Why is there no other website in 1? This is because friends have used SEO very well on that website or blog. And this is the reason why every new blogger or website owner wants to have good search engine optimization for their website.

If you want to make money from blogging or the website, this becomes even more important to you. The reason behind this is that if your website ranks No. 1 on Google, then the number of visitors to your website also increases.

Because the views of your website also increase. Organic traffic reaches the website. With which you can also win a good amount.

Why SEO is Necessary for any Blog and Website?
In the previous article, we have already talked about what SEO is. But why is it required for any website? It is also important to know.

Suppose you create a new website. Write good article content. You should write between 40 and 50 articles. But didn’t you do search engine optimization on your website?

Anyone searches for a keyword on a large search engine like Google. And the keyword also matches your website. But Google won’t show your website article in your search engine. In this way, you cannot reach your articles to people.

The first objective of each person or company is to create a website on the Internet. That you can access the information available on your blog or website.

If SEO isn’t used on your website, people won’t be able to get to the address. And it won’t even fulfill your dream of creating a website.

It is clear that SEO is very important for any website to rank number one on Google. The question that arises here is that search engines are chasing our website.

Most people search for their topic-related questions, topics, or keywords in the search engine. Browser navigation is page number one on Google.

SEO also offers social promotion promotion to your site. Most people access your blog or website through search engines. If people like your articles and posts. They also share them on social networks. This also leads to the social promotion of your blog.

With this, it turns out to be more accessible for people. It also helps to compete to a great extent with your competitor’s website. For example, if your website sells particular content. And just like you and a website also sells those things. Therefore, it helps a lot to compete.

Before making your new SEO Friendly website or blog, it is also important to know what the SEO types are. There are two types of SEO.


On-site SEO or on-page SEO is the same. You do this work on your blog or website. By virtue of this, you must design your website or blog correctly and make it SEO compliant.

On SEO page, I include it to write your website template or theme, write good posts over 350 words, use good keywords etc.

These things are very important. If the theme or design of your website is not good, people will have trouble visiting your website, as well as if you will not use the keyword on the blog or website.

Google will not be able to find your website in search engines. Today, most people use the Internet on their mobile phones or tabs. In this case, your website page must be compatible with mobile devices.

When writing a post on your website or blog, always remember a few things. The keyword must be used in the correct place on the page. In addition, the post title, meta description, tag, and content must be used correctly to match your post. This is also a very important thing to rank on Google.

Off-site SEO or off-page SEO mean the same thing. Unlike on-site SEO, you don’t have to work on your website online. Rather, you work on another website, that is, the website on the Internet. It contains some important points.

On all social networking sites, create a page or profile for your website and you should always update it. On another website, Backlink includes commenting, dofollow link, writing guest posts, and doing a good backlink for your website.

In addition to this, you can also promote your website or blog on social media like Google, Facebook, etc. If spoken directly, off-page SEO means that, we have to PROMOTE our blog or website.

In return, we have to create BACKLINK. The bank link is very necessary for any website to be number one on Google. These are some important points, which are related to ON-SITE SEO OR OFF-SITE SEO.

This is very important for your website or blog. Because this is the means by which you indirectly bring your website or blog to the world.

Google finds you in the Google search engine just by looking at all these things. In this article of ours, you must have known that what is SEO? Or why it is so important to any website or blog.

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