YouTube marketing techniques to increase your video channel and your blog traffic

YouTube marketing techniques

YouTube marketing techniques is a very popular for content publishers. It has been that way since its first release and is currently the same. Video content is powerful. It is capable of transmitting an instant message. For almost anyone, visual content is easier to understand and read than traditional text-based articles and blog posts.

This is because visual messages arrive immediately.

Every day 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube, and 1/3 of Internet users have also become YouTube users. Since there are millions of different websites on this video platform, there are a large number.

However, what really interested us is that 87% of online marketers are using video content right now. And, it is very essential that most of them are doing it on YouTube.

Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Before you consider uploading your content, there are a lot of things you need to do to optimize your channel, and therefore you should expect a great deal of SEO knowledge that you have gained as a blogger. You will also be transferred to this platform, but taking into account your general YouTube marketing strategy.

Furthermore, you need to understand the fact that this video platform is ultimately a content delivery network and as a result is ideal for content marketing. Along with your blog and social media accounts, it can do wonders.

1.  Use your blog website on your YouTube website

While this was an easy option in the past, now, you need to be eligible for a custom link to your YouTube channel to include it.

To be eligible, however, there are not many requirements. At least, there are no requirements that seem impossible to meet. Most importantly, to add a custom URL you must have at least 100 subscribers to your channel. Once you become eligible, you must take the most important steps here.

A. Go to Advanced Account Settings, Navigate to the top right corner of the screen. Click on your icon, select Settings and click Advanced Settings.
B. Under the “Channel Settings” menu, select the link next to “You are eligible for the custom URL”. If your channel is eligible you will only see this link. Otherwise, you will not see it.
C. In the box named “Get Custom URL”, you will see the custom personal URL specified. You can change it and tailor it to your actual address or keyword.

2. Create awesome YouTube thumbnails
Thumbnails may seem irrelevant, but they are the most essential piece of static views you can create on YouTube to attract users.

They are like book covers from old times. They sell your stories, and they show your story to the audience. This is why they should be designed marketing-wise.

Use professional design tools like BannerSnack to create a thumbnail that you think is the most important asset in your marketing strategy. People don’t really know about their video before hitting the “play” button. However, you can imagine the message you are going to convey based on the thumbnail of the video you are portraying, with which ad. I have been working for them and using the tool for quite some time, and that is why they are currently my top choice. However, if you want to work comfortably with visual design, Banquerque is all you can get.

Conform to the brand

Consistency is one of the most important YouTube marketing techniques you have. What does this mean?

Well, things regarding stability are pretty simple. All you have to do is defend your brand values and your brand visual assets. This, and of course, a clear content delivery schedule, so people know when to watch a new video episode and plan their time according to their editorial time.

Do keyword research before you start recording
Everything you post must be search optimized. If you’re already in the content marketing business, you’re more likely to know what keyword research is and why keywords are important to blog posts. What about video content? Is keyword research also a thing in this industry?

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